In case a program can help you resolve several Windows registry issues and enhance the performance of your PC in a mere 30 minutes of download, installation, set up and cleaning then it is surely something more than an ordinary registry cleaner. If you are wondering whether such an application exists you should surely use CCleaner. It can also be said to be the best tool to fix Windows registry.

As a registry cleaner, CCleaner is very fast as it not only helps you clear off the waste but also ensures that you do not lose important files. It scans and presents you with the various issues in the registry and then asks you if you would want to repair it. The program proceeds only after you approve its functioning. This way you can be sure that you do not remove any important file and the best part is that all this can be done in a matter of minutes. As you perform all these functions you’ll be happy to know that CCleaner also provides an option to get a back up of the registry.

Other than the registry back up, once you have completed CCleaner download you can be sure that you will receive timely prompts to resolve any kind of issues with the Windows registry.

With the Advanced function offered by CCleaner you can be sure that the application you want to clean is examined till the core. In fact the application is also known to clean up Windows Media Player, a program that is considered to be quite tough when it comes to cleaning up and that is an absolutely amazing feature as well.

Another important fact that makes CCleaner download all the more compulsive is that it provides complete detail about all the applications and the clean up procedure. The reports are extremely easy to read and give you a lot of information about your PC and its performance.

Also if you are looking at uninstalling certain problematic files or application, CCleaner can help you. The best part, however, is that thought it does so many things the application runs through the system in virtually no time. You might even feel that there is nothing which is done correctly but the results will surprise you.

Finally, the fact that makes this, the best tool to fix Windows Registry is that you can download CCleaner free, which makes it easy to access and affordable.

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