Now, after you are done with the back up, you will be able to understand the way in which CCleaner takes care of registry cleaning.

registry cleaning process

It actually provides more information that most of us are used to seeing. We basically like to see the processing of the clean-up process, not demanding any clarifications.

Since the CCleaner claims to be so very safe, we would rather see it do everything in an automated way rather than addressing registry issues one after another.

On clicking “fix all selected issues”, we were amazed to see the speed of cleaning. It in fact made us rethink whether the program actually worked or not…Wow!

Time for some extra features

Under the “Tools” section there are two utilities that would make Windows more effective.

One of them is an Uninstaller which can help get rid of the applications that are quite difficult to remove with the standard Add/Remove function or the controls panel for the windows.

tools screen

With the help of this function you can rename the program and at the same time customize its uninstall process or even compel uninstall programs if required.

Secondly, a start up application will help you learn about all the apps that boot every time you start your PC. These programs are a major hindrance for the performance of your machine. All these applications occupy a lot of the space each time when you restart your PC. They tend to eat up a lot of memory and processing spaces.

startup config screen

With CCleaner you will have the option of either removing a start up program completely or at time may be disable it. You can disable an application if you think that deleting it would cause a problem with other functions.

In case you would want to custom-configure CCleaner, click on the “Options” tab that you can find on the left side.

With “Settings” you can choose the extent of deletion you would desire for the deleted files and other common options like ‘run at startup’ and others.

Another interesting thing I found with CCleaner is the “Cookies” setting page where in I can actually select the cookies that I would want to keep permanent. It is a nice way to keeping a tab on sites that are browsed often.

cookies options screen

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