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There is a 94% chance unknown errors are making your PC slow and sluggish.

There is a 94% chance unknown errors are making your PC
slow and sluggish.

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Sick of computer problems? Errors showing up all over the place? PC getting slower and slower?

Don't waste your money on computer repairmen and don't waste your time with low-powered software utilities.

It is easy to find out. Try a free scan with this powerful software to see what is making your PC slow, erratic and less enjoyably to use.

Has Your Computer Lost A Step?

There are multiple reasons why your computer could be slowing down. In the past, that made it very difficult to fix. You had to buy separate programs to deal with each issue independently. Now, there's PC Health Advisor, an advanced all-in-one utility featuring all the tools you need to fully optimize your computer in one single shot.

Get Your PC's Mojo Back With This Powerful Suite Of Tools

PC Health Advisor brings together all the tools every computer user should have at their disposal. These tools enable you to tweak your system as much or as little as you want. For example, the handy Startup Manager lets you save resources and speed up your Windows start times. You can also fine-tune other Windows settings to squeeze extra speed out of your system.

Optimize Your Computer's Performance Today!

PC Health Advisor tackles all of your PC's performance issues. This includes scans to optimize memory use, clean the Windows Registry and find and remove temporary, duplicate and unneeded files. PC Health Advisor also cleans the cache and browser History to protect your privacy and boost your Internet browsing speed.

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